Ing. Simona Kosztanko, PhD.

University of Economics in Bratislava
International Mobility Department (IMD)
Dolnozemska cesta 1/b
852 35  Bratislava 5
tel.: +421 2 6729 5359

ESCP-Europe´s mission is to deliver an outstanding business education for successful international and multicultural careers anywhere in the world. Reaching beyond geographical and cultural barriers, ESCP-Europe is uniquely positioned to develop the capacity to manage change and diversity.

ESCP-Europe has  campuses in Europe: in Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin,  Turin and Warsaw and over 50 partner universities worldwide. Students take courses in several languages, countries and in specialised topics in international business. An integral part of the ESCP-Europe experience is constant exposure to diverse backgrounds, studying, living, and working in different countries.

The learning process is interdisciplinary and infused with multicultural dimensions on every level. With an exceptionally diverse student body and faculty with trans-national research experience and expertise, ESCP-Europe develops personal growth, management knowledge and decision-making skills.


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