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Linnaeus University Summer Academy 2016

Linnaeus University Summer Academy started in 2014. The first year about 140 students participated in the programme and for 2015 the numbers were 175 students from 30 countries. Linnaeus University invites its partner Universities to send students to participate in the Summer Academy, under our regular exchange agreement.


Arrival day: July 6-7
Orientation days: July 8-9
Course dates: July 11 – August 12
Final exams: August 10
Summer Academy Ceremony: August 11
Day of departure: August 12


Kalmar, Sweden 

Linnaeus University Summer Academy brochure


Course offerings and prerequisites

A number of courses comprised of 7,5 credits are offered, the students will choose one (1) of the Summer Academy Courses. They are to be found at: http://lnu.se/education/linnaeus-university-summer-academy/courses?l=en Courses are offered on undergraduate and graduate level and prerequisites are listed under each course. Swedish language is offered as a separate full-time course and cannot be combined with other courses. Please note that there are a limited number of places on each course and that the courses are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Number of students

Partner Universities can nominate up to 2 students under tuition waiver for summer of 2016. (Each student equals 0,25 of a semester placement)


Please nominate your candidates to: intrel@lnu.se. Submit name and e-mail address to the nominated student/students. Once nominated, we will send our log in information to the on-line application directly to the student. Nomination deadline is March 15.


The student will fill out the on-line application and will need to attach;

  • Transcript of records in English
  • Language Proficiency Report or the equivalent if English is not the native language
  • A copy of the passport photo page

Students need to rank three courses (according to preference) in the application of the ones that are offered. We cannot guarantee that all students will get their first choice but we will do out best to accommodate the course choices.

Application deadline

Application deadline is April 1. (We can show some flexibility in the deadlines but late applicants may have a restricted number of courses available to apply for).


Nominated students from selected partner universities study at Linnaeus University Summer Academy under tuition waiver. Other costs as for rent, food, literature, social activities, residence permit etc. are to bear at the cost of the student. An estimated budget is found here:


5,5 weeks





Course literature


Other costs


Total SEK



For an updated budget, please see our web page: on our web page: http://lnu.se/education/linnaeus-university-summer-academy/summer-academy-budget?l=en

(Please note that the field trips that are arranged during weekends are not included in the fees).


Proof of Admission (letter of acceptance) will be sent to the partner University approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

Residence Permit

All students without a EU/EEA citizenship have to apply for a residence permit/visa for Sweden. As soon as the student has received the acceptance to Linnaeus University Summer Academy, the application process should start, contact your nearest Swedish embassy or consulate for more information.

Welcome and Orientation Programme

The Welcome and Orientation Programme will be held during the week of the official arrival days. Orientation will provide practical and academic information. The social programme will offer both enhanced knowledge about Swedish culture and society as about the city of Kalmar and its surroundings (a guided tour is included). It will also serve as a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students at the summer academy. The social programme offers organized day-trip in Kalmar with surroundings, outdoor/sports activities and cultural events, opportunities to meet with local businesses etc.

Study and Explore Field Trips and Tours

Linnaeus University Summer Academy will arrange optional trips during the weekends. For instance to the island of Öland, a bus-tour through the Kingdom of Chrystal to the birthplace of Carl Linnaeus and to the headquarters of IKEA corporations, and a three days-trip to the capital Stockholm. 2015 the total cost of the four arranged trips was approximately SEK 3 000. 


All exchange students participating in Linnaeus University Summer Academy are guaranteed accommodation on the condition that the application is completed prior to the relevant deadline. The number of rooms is limited and therefore housing is distributed on a first come, first served basis. (Please note, the accommodation guarantee is not applicable for late applicants; accommodation is then only arranged provided that there still are rooms available).

Please see: http://lnu.se/education/linnaeus-university-summer-academy/practical-information/accommodation?l=en


A pick-up service will be provided during the official arrival days upon student’s arrival in Kalmar. A student will meet up at the airport or train station provided that the incoming student has informed us of the arrival date and time. Upon arrival to the University the student will receive keys to their accommodation as well as information about the stay prior to being taken to the accommodation.


The courses are credit based and a transcript of record will be produced provided that the students complete their course work and pass the examination.

Student services

The University will have the necessary services open during the summer academy and the Summer Academy has its own staff that is available for the students.

Academic transcripts

Will be sent to the home University approximately four weeks after the end of the Summer Academy.

Further information/questions

Questions concerning the program and the relationship with Linnaeus University at the institutional level: intrel@lnu.se

Questions concerning the student experience and courses: internationalstudents@lnu.se

Kindly also visit our web page: http://lnu.se/education/linnaeus-university-summer-academy?l=en