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Admission to a bachelor´s degree programme

The basic requirement for the admission to one of the Bachelor’s programmes is to hold a recognized secondary school leaving certificate. Every applicant has to attend the entrance examination which consists of written tests in the following fields:

  • Mathematics
  • Basics of economy and economics
  • One foreign language* selected by the student (Faculty of National Economy, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Business Informatics, Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Business Economy in Košice), or
  • Two foreign languages* at the same knowledge level (Faculty of International Relations)


Admission to a master´s degree programme

The basic requirement for the admission to one of the Master’s degree programmes is to hold a recognized  Bachelor’s  degree in one of the study programmes of the respective faculty or in a related study area. In the event the applicant holds a Bachelor’s degree in a related study area he is obliged to pass supplementary exams in the scope defined by the Dean of the respective faculty.


Applicants who are interested in the studies within the University study programmes taught in foreign languages "Sales Management“ (in French) and "International Management“ (in English) should hold a Bachelor’s degree in the fields of Economics and Management (e.g. management, business venture, finance) or in related fields (e.g. tourism).



Application procedure

The first-time application can be carried out either online or by sending the completed application form by surface mail.

Applicants who carried out the application online are obliged also to send the form (hard copy of the completed online form) by surface mail to the respective faculty or in case of University study programs taught in foreign languages to the International Programmes Institute.

The address for sending the application form by surface mail:

Name of the respective faculty/Name of the respective Institute
University of Economics in Bratislava
(application for study)
Dolnozemská cesta 1
852 35 Bratislava
Slovak Republic



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