Faculty of National Economy

The Faculty occupies a permanently important position in Slovakia regarding the education of economists and national economists. It provides for high quality university education in accredited study programmes in high demand by a great variety of market segments it prepares high quality professional economists able to contribute to further formation of economic theories and to successfully deliver in a variety of economic areas, especially in finance, banking, economic policy and social sciences.The student population of the Faculty is over 2,300 and the full time teachers and other employees number more than 130.



Faculty of Commerce

The Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava is an educational and research institution that provides education in trade-related scientific disciplines. As a long-established Faculty it is well placed among other higher education institutions in Slovakia providing education in the area of business and economics. With regard to its external environment the Faculty of Commerce presents itself as a flexibly linked, complex institution with study programmes resulting from international comparison; it possesses a high-quality professional background and staff...



Faculty of Economic Informatics

The Faculty prepares future economists capable of working with all types of social and economic data, with regard to their gathering, processing, control and the development of information systems. The students will be able to implement these data into financial systems for the analysis of achieved results in social and finance areas, in particular for the preparation of social and economic strategies, decision making and forecasting. The FEI offers university education in accredited study programmes at the first, second and third levels.



Faculty of Business Management

The main role of the Faculty of Business Management of the UEBA is to provide university education and knowledge of basic creative scientific research in the field of business economy and management.

Pursuant to this, the Faculty:

  • provides and organizes university education in accredited fields of study and programmes of study within the framework of the first, second and third grades of study;...


Faculty of International Relations

The faculty prepares experts in the field of international relations, with the emphasis on Economic Diplomacy and International Relations. The goal of the expert preparation is the mastery of the problematics of international economic relations, world economics, international law, international political relations, European integration, diplomatic experience and protocol and political and economic geography. In addition, special attention is paid to language preparation. The faculty has recently devoted itself to building a profile oriented on international relations. 



Faculty of Applied Languages

The Faculty of Applied Languages is a forward-looking educational and research-oriented institution serving the needs of a knowledge-based society. It offers an interdisciplinary study programme, which seeks within the context of politics, economics, and socio-cultural studies to provide students with the necessary critical and analytical skills to meet the requirements of the labour market. It also offers a multilingual and multicultural environment in which students pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in English, German, Spanish, and French. 



Faculty of Business Economics, Kosice

The Faculty of Business Economics of the University of Economics with seat in Košice (FBE UEB) enjoys a significant position in the region of Eastern Slovakia in educating economists for the needs of enterprises, companies and institutions. The pedagogical and scientific educational activities of the Faculty are oriented on issues in the company sphere. The Faculty prepares experts in the fields of economics, marketing and management.

The original branch of the School of Economics in Bratislava (the predecessor of the present Faculty of Business Economics) started its regular university preparation of future economists in the full-time form of study in 1969 as the first academic center of this kind in Eastern Slovakia. After several changes in the orientation of the study in 1992 it was transformed into the Faculty of Business Economics of the UEB in Bratislava with seat in Košice.