Diplomacy in Practice

Course Leader:

Mgr. Boris Mattoš, PhD.

Vice-Rector for International Relations




Project Manager:

Soňa Galanová


The University of Economics in Bratislava has organised since 2004 an elective course “Diplomacy in Practice”. Starting with the academic year 2009/2010 the course is organized in both, winter and summer, semesters.

The Course, taught in English, is conceived as a cycle of lectures and discussions with ambassadors, diplomats and representatives of the international organizations accredited in Slovakia’ as well with as representatives of Slovak diplomacy. This project represents one of the most effective ways of internationalizing education at the University.

The Course is intended for students of the University who want to become acquainted with the foreign policy, international relations and/or diplomatic practice of countries or organizations to be introduced within the course. As a result of this academic activity, students of the University of Economics become conversant not only with foreign policy aims and instruments, but also with the particular aims of the diplomatic missions of various countries and international organizations accredited in Slovak Republic. Due to its content and approach, the course represents a valuable contribution to the education of its participants.

Thanks to its high level and reputation this course is always positively perceived by students.


Fundamental Information

• After a mandatory registration, class-attendance becomes compulsory.
• Lectures are held every Tuesday from 11:00 to 12:30 in room C1.08 (new building). See the attached schedule for more information.
• Course attendance is a prerequisite to credit acquisition. (Students must sign the attendance list at the start of each lecture.)  
• Each lecturer/speaker is formally welcomed by a selected group of students at the beginning of the lecture. This group should impress the audience with the speakers professional qualifications but also include bits of other biographical information, when relevant, in English. This group of students will inform about the political and economic system of the respective country.
• Each lecture is moderated either by the vice-rector or an authorised representative of the University of Economics in Bratislava.

Ethical Aspects and Protocol-Related Issues
•    The lecturers/speakers are ambassadors accredited to Slovakia. Students must arrive for the lecture in time, no later than 5 minutes prior to the start of the session as late arrival is disruptive to other students and the lecturer/speaker.
•    Late arrivals must not disturb the class. As a courtesy to the lecturer/speaker, please do not leave the lecture once it has begun. Inappropriate behaviour may be viewed as a sign of disrespect and can also lead to a loss of face.
•    Please consider using several complimentary remarks in the native language of the lecturer/speaker in the welcome speech, if possible.
•    The student who gives a welcome speech should
talk in a loud voice,
articulate clearly,
first welcome the lecturer/speaker and make a direct eye contact with the lecturer/speaker,
make a direct eye contact with the audience and then provide information on the speakers professional qualifications and include bits of other biographical information.
•    It is recommended in the discussion session that students asking questions or having comments:
raise their hands before speaking,
stand up, introduce their faculties and their study programmes, and only then ask questions or have comments.

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