Prihlás sa na predmet Corporate Responsibility (CR) in the Practice

Fakulta podnikového manažmentu ponúka pre všetkých študentov v ZS 2015/2016 celouniverzitný akreditovaný predmet Corporate Responsibility (CR) in the Practice.

Zápis na predmet: cez AIS.


COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                             




The common project with the Business Leaders Forum (BLF) www.blf.sk

Form: Lectures

Hours of teaching (per the course): 26 hours

Number of ECTS credits: 3

Course completion requirements: Seminar work

Lecturer: Each week the manager for the CR of another enterprise from the BLF

Schedule: Wednesdays from 11:00 a. m. to 12:30 p. m., B1.07



  • Familiarizing students with real forms of responsible businesses that operate in Slovakia
  • Identifying of the basic principles of corporate responsibility and generally applicable values in each      individual enterprise from practice
  • Direct confrontation of applying of legislation – useful ethical minimum with a special focus on examples of good practice
  • Solving of practical ethical dilemmas which most commonly rise in business practice
  • Application of positive solutions relevant for collaborating subjects in association affiliating enterprises with corporate responsibility that they have acquired under the common organization of the procedure


  • Presentation of working model for corporate responsibility on the basis of the example of successful enterprises which apply the concept of corporate responsibility (primary Business Leaders  Forum http://www.blf.sk/clenovia-zdruzenia)
  • Specificities of corporate responsibility in the concrete enterprise (from the point of enterprise typology)
  • Support of corporate responsibility in Europe, in the framework of international corporation and in the framework of cooperating subjects in association which grouping enterprises with corporate responsibility (e.g. Business Leaders Forum, Global Compact, etc.)
  • Current trends of corporate responsibility generated by strategic politics of European Commission (support of employment, support of development, etc.) which accelerate implementation of corporate social responsibility in the practice
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